Thursday, September 23, 2010

Operation Write Home – Package 1


Here is my first shipment! I had about 274!   I got to the post office and realized that I had the $14.95 box, but only $11 in my pocket!  So I sat at the counter and moved it all into the medium box!

I got them all in!  Woot!  Woot!

Here is a snippet from the Operation Write Home! (click on the link to read the entire article)

Thankful Thursday: September 23, 2010

Well, this week saw our shippers processing a record amount of mail in just one week: 26,274 cards! Yes 26,274!! The avalanche has truly begun! Many many thanks to all who are stamping the backs of their cards, and learning "the tuck" so well - you're making our job SO much more manageable.

(I was 151!  I just had to cut and paste my name in to brag!)

  • Sue and MHV Paper Dolls Club and MHV Booneville Club, Booneville, MS
  • Trisha, Punta Gorda
  • Angela, Indianapolis, IN
  • So last month, their shipping alone was $9,000 with all the cards they sent overseas!  So I think I am going to have to put in more than the $10 it cost for me to ship!

    Remember if you want to help me, I will always have my box with me at any of the events I am attending.  I will also have a collection can for donations for shipping.  Each month, whatever money I have left after shipping the box to the handler, I send it with the box!

    Thank you for your help!  I could not have sent my September box, if it wasn’t for the help of the following!

    • Tracy Croy
    • Donna Brown
    • Darleth Wilhelm

    Thank you, everybody!


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